Under Contract & House Has Been Damaged; Now What?

There’s an old adage He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules aka ‘ The Other Golden Rule’. Nothing could be further from the truth in this scenario so the best answer here is ‘It depends’.

Raleigh Area First Time Home Buyers find help in the 2014 Farm Bill

Some of the biggest talking points coming  out of the $956 Billion 2014 Farm Bill is that Food Stamps were cut by $900M per year, it ends a two decades old  Direct Payments to farmers at a savings of $5B per year and even includes funding for Hemp (marijuana) research. But what most people are…

Congress Approves Funding for USDA Rural Development Loans in Raleigh for FY2014!

With all the hoopla and political grand standing coming out of Washington DC, it is nice to see that on occasion those who have been elected to lead can set aside their bickering and at least accomplish some of the most basic tasks. In this rare case of unity they have managed to fund the…

FAQ – How Will a Government Shut-down Delay My Mortgage Loan Application?

There’s been a lot of rhetoric coming from both sides of the congressional aisles these days; from Democratic and Republican parties and even a few in between. But  recently the media has begun reporting government shutdown fallacies as facts. I’ve stayed out of this very heated political discussion for obvious reasons, but when a client recently sent…

How to get a No Money Down USDA mortgage loan in Raleigh

Ricardo Cobos is a Mortgage Loan Officer in Raleigh North Carolina helping people achieve financial security through responsible homeownership using great no money down loans programs like the USDA Guaranteed Rural Development Loans call 877-212-7784 to speak with an experienced loan officer today.