When a borrower with disabilities receives rental income from a live-in personal assistant, whether or not that individual is a relative of the borrower, the rental payments can be considered as acceptable stable income in an amount up to 30% of the total gross income that is used to qualify the borrower for the mortgage loan.

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Some of the biggest talking points coming  out of the $956 Billion 2014 Farm Bill is that Food Stamps were cut by $900M per year, it ends a two decades old  Direct Payments to farmers at a savings of $5B …

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Contrary to many schools of thought there are still mortgage loan programs which permit the use of gifted funds for some or even all of a borrower’s down payment. In this post, we will focus on FHA loans specifically. Although …

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The new federal agency Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s  (CFPB) Qualified Mortgage & Ability To Pay  (ATR) regulations require mortgage lenders in Raleigh and Cary and all other US markets to clearly establish and document a borrower’s ability to be expected …

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Ability to Repay Basic Eight Requirements

2014 brings with it many new rules established by this new regulator that have significant impacts not only on the type of loans that consumers have access to but how they are delivered. The rule set minimum requirements that a creditor must consider in making the ability‐to‐repay determination. Eight factors must be considered, at a minimum, in the underwriting evaluation process:

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One of the most common cause of foreclosure is misstated or overstated income. Since the mortgage meltdown of 2008, and because of increased accountability to Washington, lenders are now required to take extra steps to verify that borrowers have the …

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This 15 page letter outlines how the FHA plans to make exceptions that will allow borrowers with troubled past related to the economic malaise commonly called the Great Recession, to reenter the market in a shorter time-frame.

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Private Mortgage Insurers leading the way in housing recovery   One of the earliest indicators of the housing meltdown which began in 2007 was that issuers of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) began to contract their underwriting guidelines for issuing PMI …

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Ricardo Cobos is a Mortgage Loan Officer in Raleigh North Carolina helping people achieve financial security through responsible homeownership using great no money down loans programs like the USDA Guaranteed Rural Development Loans call 877-212-7784 to speak with an experienced loan officer today.

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