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One possible enhancement to HARP known as HARP 3.0 is pushing forward the eligibility date from Ma31, 2009 to 2010. Some experts suggest that there are between 27 and 43 billion dollars’ worth of unpaid principal loan balances that could benefit from such a move.

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Bank of America Customer Service

After a few weeks of the multiple times per day barrage of phone calls from Bank of America I attempted to resolve this by calling them myself. The colossal comedy of incompetence a person has to suffer in order to get a straight answer from Bank of America is deplorable! As a Mortgage Loan Officer with nearly 15 years of experience speaking the language of mortgage lenders I can only imagine how impossible this experience is to someone without similar experience.

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Obama: “Subprime lending immoral, not illegal” Today the president took a question from a  reporter who asked him why his administration had failed to file suit or enforcement action against corporate leaders for the 2008 financial crisis that ultimately led to numerous bank, insurance, …

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These days there seems to be no shortage today of people or politicians angry at mortgage companies.  Most however tend to be  customers of the nations five largest mortgage servicers; Bank of America, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, JP Morgan Chase & Ally Financial. The source …

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If I were to tell you that you will be required by your lender {mortgagee} to give a Death Pledge to buy or refinance your next home would you might think twice and would you want to know more about to whom you were entering into a mortgage agreement with?

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Here is a very funny but sadly somewhat true account in some cases of what was and is now occurring in the mortgage industry. From the man who brought us Bankster v. Deadbeat Debate… Now he sends this… Greetings …

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FHA Buyer Financed Closing Costs Financing of Transaction Costs for Real Estate Owned Properties (REO) Purchased under Federal Housing Administrations  $100 Down Sales Incentive Click for mortgagee letter/details  Related articles Underwriting Tip – FHA Gift Funds ( …

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