There’s an old adage He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules aka ‘ The Other Golden Rule’. Nothing could be further from the truth in this scenario so the best answer here is ‘It depends’.

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A typical ~1,300 square foot home on Southgate

August 2018 (Garner, NC 27529) Southgate in Garner is a mature large lot subdivision in S. Garner in Johnston …

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to the new Conventional 97% Mortgage. Is the Conventional 97 a government-backed mortgage program? Yes, the Conventional 97 mortgage program is backed by the government. It’s offered via …

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According to research of the foreclosures during the past 7 years, chief among the cited reasons were lack of down payment, undisclosed debt by the buyers, reduced credit requirements, and unstable income. In response to greater accountability to Washington lenders …

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A few weeks ago I sent an email to my clients titled “Credit standards ARE loosening” which was inspired by a blog  FHA 203(b) Loans for North Carolina borrowers with 620 Fico Scores . In that email I pontificated that …

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“The federal government is considering moving its local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office from a Cary office park to a former Kroger supermarket on N.C. Highway 55 and High House Road.” reported Sloane Heffernan from WRAL News. Read the story …

Cary neighborhood opposes potential immigration office Read more »

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if you are a first time home buyer shopping for a home in Raleigh say between $100,000 and $149,999 and in April found that your low ball offers weren’t being accepted, it’s because it ISN’T A BUYERS MARKET IN RALEIGH in that price range.

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Up to $7,500* for down payment and/or closing cost assistance

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Why You Should Start Planning To Purchase A Home If you’ve ever thought about buying a home, but decided that it was too big a financial gamble, think again. It’s possible you haven’t considered the risk of not buying …

Five Great Reasons to Buy a Home today Read more »

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