There’s an old adage He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules aka ‘ The Other Golden Rule’. Nothing could be further from the truth in this scenario so the best answer here is ‘It depends’.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to the new Conventional 97% Mortgage. Is the Conventional 97 a government-backed mortgage program? Yes, the Conventional 97 mortgage program is backed by the government. It’s offered via …

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Surprisingly, one of the brightest spots of the president’s State of the Union Address last night which might have received a standing ovation from both sides of the aisle barely received a passing mention! The bright shining spot in his …

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Contrary to many schools of thought there are still mortgage loan programs which permit the use of gifted funds for some or even all of a borrower’s down payment. In this post, we will focus on FHA loans specifically. Although …

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There’s been a lot of rhetoric coming from both sides of the congressional aisles these days; from Democratic and Republican parties and even a few in between. But  recently the media has begun reporting government shutdown fallacies as facts. I’ve stayed out …

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This 15 page letter outlines how the FHA plans to make exceptions that will allow borrowers with troubled past related to the economic malaise commonly called the Great Recession, to reenter the market in a shorter time-frame.

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