Working with Realtors; Does Experience Matter?

Tips for Choosing a Realtor in Raleigh

If I’ve learned anything since 1998, it’s that all real estate brokers are not Realtors® and all buyers aren’t equal. So how do you identify a good realtor in Raleigh-Cary? You could check my “Trusted Partner” page (gratuitous plug in) or you can download the interview form I created called “6 Interview Questions to ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Broker”. Or if you prefer, give me a call, I’m happy to introduce you to a Raleigh-Cary-Wake Forest area agent who I know and trust.


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  2. Very good and concise information. You must give me advice with video blogging as I have been wanting to do it, but have yet to start. I think it could be good for business.

    1. Thanks Steve! If Content was King in 2012, video is King in 2014! I actually just this evening scheduled studio time next week to record three new videos. I’m happy to connect with you one off to talk strategy, perhaps we can do a google hangout sometime.