Working with Realtors; Does Experience Matter?

Technology Doesn’t Matter

Of course we all know that isn’t true at all but if the survey tells me anything, it is that an overwhelming majority of today’s agents who are still using technology the way they once used flyers, brochures and listings sheets;  simply as a way to advertise themselves. This is especially evident in the fact that the average agent only brought in four (4) inquiries from their websites in 2012. Just think about how much YOU used the internet to make inquiries in 2012 and how that’s juxtaposed to this report.

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  2. Very good and concise information. You must give me advice with video blogging as I have been wanting to do it, but have yet to start. I think it could be good for business.

    1. Thanks Steve! If Content was King in 2012, video is King in 2014! I actually just this evening scheduled studio time next week to record three new videos. I’m happy to connect with you one off to talk strategy, perhaps we can do a google hangout sometime.