Why you need to get pre qualified BEFORE shopping your next home

A lot of clients want to know why they should get pre-qualified for a mortgage?  It’s a good question!  Hi, my name is Jenny Miller with AES Lending. Let’s look at pre-qualification another way.

Click here for  a Free Pre Qualification and credit review

Click here for a Free Pre Qualification and credit review

Say you’re going to buy a new car.  You look around the showroom at various models and a salesperson asks you what you’re looking for.  You give him a list of features that are important to you and he says, “I have just the car for you!  Wait until you see this!”  You look at the car and it has everything you wanted.  It drives like a dream and you love it. You’re sold; you’re ready to sign the paperwork.  But when you get back to the showroom and the salesman runs the numbers, you realize that you can’t afford the payments on this car.  Not only that, you can’t afford the insurance or the yearly taxes! You’re only option is to find a less expensive vehicle. And now, instead of feeling like you got something you love; you feel like you’re stuck with something less.

It’s the same thing with house hunting.  It just makes sense to know how much house you can afford before you go shopping.  This way you can get the best deal on the best house in your price range!  It also helps give your offer more weight when you find that house you want.

I’m Jenny Miller NMLS 1054076 with AES Lending.  Call me today and let me help you get pre-qualified for your perfect house! Call me today at (919) 448-5355