Suntrust Mortgage Property Loss Draft Processing Instructions

Loss up to $10,000 can be processed at your local SunTrust branch. Losses in excess of $10,000 require special handling.

If you have a mortgage with SunTrust Mortgage and have sustained a property loss to your home due to a Hurricane, Flood, Tornado, Fire or any of the plethora of reasons that may have caused you to  damage to your home.  This attached document will provide you with all of the information that you will need to know in order to process your the cashing of your insurance claim check and get the funds disbursed to your contractor or yourself if you are acting as your own contractor.

Please note that these instructions may vary, depending on your circumstance, the type of loan that you have and whether or not your loan payments are current or past due.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you call SunTrust Mortgage at their customer service department 800-634-7928 . Alternatively, because this department is  considered by SunTrust to be “offline” which simply means they do not take phone calls, you may want to fax your specific written  questions first to that department which is 804-675-9772.